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We are so glad that you are taking the time to get to know more about Scotland's Mist Acres.  We are here to make your pets time away from home a wonderful experience and to ensure that Scotland's Mist Acres is a place they feel secure and loved.  A big part of making your pet feel comfortable here is his or her very first drop off experience.  If you have any apprehension or if this is your pups first time boarding, it may help to visit before your actual reservation, either with or without your pup. This will allow you to see where your baby will sleep, play and to meet some of the caregivers.  It is also a good time to ask any questions that you may have thought about since making his or her reservation.  At this visit if you haven't printed out the contract you can pick one up - having the contract completed before you drop off saves you time on your way out of town and is one less thing you will have to think about on the day of the reservation.  We always suggest that you bring any toys, beds, or blankets that make your pup feel comfortable.  If this is their first time boarding we suggest a t-shirt that his/her person has worn and not washed...I believe this lets the pup know that you will be back and gives them added sense of security.  Please make sure that your pup is either on a leash or in some way contained when you get out of the car..for their safety and the safety of others.  When you say goodbye to your pup please keep in mind, if you seem upset or apprehensive, they can feel this and it may make them feel apprehensive...something we aim to diminish as soon as possible.  Most dogs take to us and the farm within a matter of seconds but we walk them through the process anyway, putting them either in their room to allow them to see, smell and hear everything without being in the middle of it, or into a paddock where they have free rein to roam in and out as they please.  If you see your pup at the fence we ask that you watch quietly so they do not get anxious in seeing you on the other side.  We know that dropping off your baby is like dropping off your child on the first day of school...and just like the two leggd babies, these babies adjust rapidly.  We love to see our repeat ranchers run to the door when they get out of their cars and be as excited to see us as we are to see them...and we assure you that your pup will also feel this love in a very short amount of time.